When I dreamt of the perfect engagement ring I would one day receive from my tall, dark and handsome future husband, it was glamorous and unique, intricate yet simple. I would regularly be stopped and complimented on such an amazing ring. It showed my individuality and that I was a woman of style. And it didn’t send my fiancé to be, broke.

Cut to I met my future husband, he told me he loved me in the first week we were together. He talked marriage in the first month and proposed after just four months of dating, giving me his signet ring till we found the perfect engagement ring. The engagement ring of my dreams was more elusive than I imagined, and there was nothing that made me feel unique and special, like no other, the way my fiancé made me feel. Nothing that matched the joy and excitement of being engaged to be married.

It was all solved when my in laws to be kindly offered a family ring, an heirloom. Made in the 1920’s when rings were envisioned and created as a work of art, to be extraordinary and unusual. A conversation piece that led to the story of your love and how it came to be, a ring as unique as your own love story.

I remember that search for the perfect engagement ring amoung the hundreds of rings that all looked the same. Thinking everyone deserves a unique ring and life is too short not to be glamorous. With this in mind, I created The Michelle Day Heritage line, a collection of my favorite design elements from the past 20 years of designing fine jewels. Re-imagined into stunning Engagement and Special Occasion rings. Designs that embody timeless style and glamour, an heirloom, inspired by vintage styling and Art Deco sophistication. All custom made by a team of master jewelers with meticulous care.

My focus is to offer or create your dream engagement ring without the hassle, then a one stop shop for anniversarys, push gifts, birthdays, and special occasions. All at a price that suits your budget.


I grew up in Australia, where I studied photography and became the first female photographer employed at the largest magazine group. In my 20’s I moved to Los Angeles and continued to enjoy a successful career shooting celebrity editorial, photographing fascinating people all over the world. In 2014 I was part of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, featuring celebrity portraits from Australia’s most prominent photographers. Several of my portraits are part of the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery.

All the while I was moonlighting, designing fine jewelry. My mother in law was one of my greatest inspirations for my designs, we shared a love of beautiful jewels. She was as happy in a tiara as she was in an excellent costume piece. Her collection of jewels was astonishing, thanks in part to her time as a member of the British Royal Family. Marion was the Countess of Harewood by her first marriage to the 7th Earl of Harewood, Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin. Every time I would visit Marion, would marvel at a new piece of jewelry I had created. She once gave me an old brooch beyond repair that had belonged to my husband’s grandmother, with her blessing to design something new. It contained ten mismatched pear shaped aquamarines, no two the same. Getting the different stones to harmonize posed an interesting design challenge. I carried those stones around in my purse for six months until I finally saw the solution, in the shape of a flower. The gorgeous cocktail ring that resulted was the seed for the designs in the Michelle Day Heritage line, the unique, and unexpected use of pear, oval, and marquise diamonds, in flower themes that symbolize the perfect harmony of nature.